Start your healing journey & begin to live in your light

Offering holistic healing to and therapy Beacon and the surrounding Hudson Valley, NY area

Different than your typical therapy practice. Soul Sanctuary focuses on warmth, connection and compassion without the clinical (leather couch) feel.

Soul Sanctuary also uses an integrative approach, or what I like to call healing of the whole person. My treatment is all-encompassing. In order to live optimally we must heal not only the mind, but also the body & the soul.

I am here for you and ready to help! Email me today to schedule a free consult call to find out which service would be best for you.

Offering in person services to Beacon and the surrounding Hudson Valley, NY.

It's time to start LOVING your life

Soul Sanctuary by Sophia is a space curated for you and your healing. Designed for comfort, safety, and compassion, I sit alongside you as you journey to your ideal life, self, and situation.

This is a healing space for any and all individuals. Whatever challenge you're facing or outcome you're seeking, support is waiting.

I am so glad you're here.

A place to find healing, growth and inner peace

I know that reaching out for help and healing can be a scary and daunting thing. You've already taken a huge step by deciding to seek support and help for yourself. What an act of strength!

I am proud of you and I am here to support you.

In Person Healing

Virtual Healing

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