Holy Fire Reiki energy healing

Find time for you and your healing

This intuitive energy work session, using Holy Fire Reiki, will benefit anyone but especially those ready to clear energetic blockages and start living a more empowered life. Sessions will leave you feeling relaxed and lighter. Reiki helps heal in the most gentle, yet powerful, way. Imagine the most tranquil spa like experience, but with deep soul healing taking place.

Not only does Reiki heal— but will ultimately leave you feeling calmer, more grounded, and connected to yourself. You will be guided through your entire session, but most of the session is in silence and your role is to lay back, release, and relax.

What to expect for your session:

  • A table will be set up for you to comfortably relax on
  • Guided imagery and meditations will be used to ease you into your session
  • Crystals and sound healings will be incorporated to enhance your session
  • Hand placements are done intuitively as energy is transferred and cleared
  • It is common for some clients to experience tingling, cooling/warming sensations or slight numbing. This is all normal
  • Sophia will debrief and process with client at sessions closing


Due to sessions being in your own space- it is important to make sure you have a set space where there will be no interruptions and/or background noise/talking.