Find pain relief for dogs and cats

Serving pets of Beacon & the surrounding Hudson Valley, NY area.

These shorter length sessions are perfect for your pets who may be in need of energetic healing. This includes but is not limited to; pets suffering from illness, anxiety or pain. Typically pet sessions are for cats & dogs, but if interested in another species of pet, please contact us prior to booking.

Pets must have a non-aggressive temperament and be actively willing to participate. Practitioner will not force session upon an unwilling animal. We suggest booking a session for yourself prior, to introduce the modality to your furry friend, first!

Call 845-781-6003 now if you're interested in our healing sessions.

How does Reiki benefit our pet?

Many pet owners seek out our sessions for various reasons. Our sessions may help with:

  • Pain relief
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Supplemental healing for surgery
  • Aides healing of chronic illnesses such as Lyme & arthritis