I was feeling overwhelmed with daily life and my job so I knew I just had to schedule a distance Reiki session with Sophia. Her energy is so calming and reassuring and the session really helped ease my anxiety. I immediately felt grounded and more relaxed. I would definitely recommend Sophia to anyone who wants to try Reiki for their first time or if you are familiar already. I strongly believe in Reiki and the powerful healing effects it has and I believe it helps balance the connection between mind and body. Thank you so much Sophia!


I had a mind opening experience with Sophie's Reiki session. I highly recommend to anyone skeptical scheduling an appointment with her. I put my body through vigorous exercise without regard to proper recovery. That is why I have a few aches throughout. Absent of any knowledge of my symptoms, Sophie was able to locate areas of pain through her energetic healing. I will incorporate her service into my recovery routine for now. It is apparent, Sophie believes in her craft which allows her to impact anyones life. Go book your first appointment!


Full transparency - I'm the girl in the pictures receiving reiki who just expected to be laying there while photos were taken trying to look relaxed for the shoot. Not only did I not have to 'try' to look relaxed, but I was! Sophie asked me to be her client and as someone who knows her personally and knows how passionate she is about her work, I couldn't say no.
But what I REALLY didn't expect was how soothing the short session was and how magical. While the pictures were taken, Sophie went to work and picked up on things I hadn't shared with her based on my energy and her moving through my chakras. I even told her to 'be quiet' when she pointed out my heart had strong feelings yet I didn't even tell her there was anyone in the picture.
I walked out feeling lighter, more centered and so grateful to have such a sweet, authentic and genuine caring soul in this world!


My first time trying reiki was with Sophie and it was such a memorable experience. I went into the session in a stressful state, not knowing what to expect, but she made me feel relaxed and completely turned my psyche around. Just being in the same room as Sophie, you can feel such a positive and soothing energy. Her ability to use reiki healing is one you need to experience. My session really helped me overcome a stressful state of mind and I can?t wait to book another session!


I recently did a virtual reiki session with Sophia and it was way more than I imagined. I was very skeptical at first but since putting more of an effort into my mental health I figured why not give it a try. I was so at peace during and even after the session. I definitely recommend anyone to try this service. Sophia is amazing at what she does.


I have had reiki by a few different practitioners and am certified myself. My session with Sophie was truly an experience I will cherish. From the moment you walk into her space, you're at peace. The power of Sophie's energy exchange is like nothing I have ever felt before. I could physically feel her calm energy flowing through me. I'm 8 months pregnant and Sophie catered to my comfort (which is not easy now) which only added to physical calmness that came over me during the session. Her intuition also proved strong and some powerful messages came through. I can't wait for another session.